About Me

After picking up a camera I started to rediscover my urban surroundings. Eversince, I never stopped making images of man-made urban objects. I like telling stories of patterns, curves, lines, symmetry and perspective. Photography as a way of showing and viewing architecture always fascinated me. 

Portraiture is very personal to me. I like to take my time to discover the expression and the look that fits the person I'm looking at through the lens.


I offer reportage photography of architectural projects. I provide images or image series of buildings, interiors or other constructions in the urban landscape.

I offer headshot photography and I do social portraiture—in the studio and on location.

I also offer workshops on architecture photography, post-production workflow and photography editing software. 


I have solid knowledge of the technical photographic process, including post-production. More importantly, over the years I gained focus and developed a good eye for architecture photography. I love to show depth, perspective, curves and patterns in architecture. I also like to show the way architecture and the man-made urban landscape is used and experienced.

I love to connect to people—with or without the camera. I start portraiture sessions with a plan, but usually, ideas start flowing depending on how I ge to know my model throughout a shoot. I have good knowledge of studio flash technique.


I am based in Leiden The Netherlands, but I did architectural image series throughout Europe. Please contact me for assignments or collaboration in projects.

This image of the Torre della Mangia, Siena, Italy won the national prize in the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards for the Netherlands.

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